Client: Lecky Metal

Industry: Metal Ornaments, Wrought Iron, Staircase, Gates

Location: Beijing, China

Website: www.laiqilouti.cn



When customers shop for wrought iron staircase at home improvement shopping malls, there are a few limitations. The staircases cannot be displayed entirely in the shop due to physical retail space and cost. As a result, only portions of staircases can be displayed along with samples. This makes it difficult for customers to imagine the end result before purchasing.

With our VR solution developed specifically for Lecky Metal, customers are able to put on a VR headset and see realistic home environments with various staircase configurations. We have created a total of 64 VR home environments with Lecky Metal's entire staircase catalogue.

In addition, we have also manufactured a custom display unit so with Lecky Metal's branding so that it can be integrated seamlessly in their agents' shops.

Please view the showcase video to find out more!


About Lecky Metal

Lecky Metal is one of the biggest staircase and metal ornament manufacturer in China. They have more than 300 agents located all over the country.


VR Showcase Video: